Jun 8, 2017

Vikas Ecotec - Value and Growth Stock

Vikas Ecotech is the maker of Eco-friendly specialty chemicals. Green technology is the need of the our and this company product help in replacing lead from PvC products as stabilizer with Eco-friendly products company manufactures here in India.

The Company is engaged in the business of manufacturing and distribution of high end products used in Agricultural Pipes, Auto Parts, Wires and Cables, Artificial Leather, Footwear, Organic Chemicals, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals and Packaging industries while alongside acting as distributor of global conglomerates with niche in specialty chemicals and polymers.

50-50% export – domestic business,

Noida plant started in March, 2017. Export oriented plant

North America can be a new big market after recent order win (May 8, 2017). The new order would help getting approvals at various places in America.
Order given from Mexichem, a worldwide leader in plastic pipes and one of the largest chemical & petrochemical companies in Latin America.

Preferential issue of 20 cr to non-promoters allotted. Due to that promoters stake went down. But promoters keen to raise stake to 40%.

Vikas Ecotech received approval from FCCI for Organotin PVC heat stabilizer. It is the only company in India to produce US FDA approved products. Vikas Ecotech named it Tinmate.

Vikas Ecotech to supply eco-friendly specialty chemicals to Prince Pipes:
Specialty chemicals manufacturer Vikas EcoTech Ltd (VEL) has inked a strategic tie up with Prince Pipes & Fittings Ltd, India’s third largest PVC pipes manufacturer, for supply of its entire range of specialty chemicals with focus on organotin heat stabilisers, its lead replacement plastic synthesiser.

May 25, 2017:
Lead in PVC pipes affecting human health, NGT told:
Great news for Vikas Ecotech.
“Water passing through PVC pipes commonly used in most buildings may contain toxic materials like lead, which has a hazardous effect on human health. This was told to the National Green Tribunal (NGT), which today directed the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) to lay down standards within four months for using lead in Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes, in consultation with Bureau of Indian Standards.”

Demerger of Vikas Ecotech is planned -
EBIT contribution of demerged entity is 2-3%, turnover of demerged entity will be 33%.
High value will be retained in Vikas Ecotech, and high volume (trading) will be in demerged entity,
20 cr debt will be shifted to new entity out of 135 cr,
EBITDA margin will improve from 17-18% to 25% after demerger.
Demerger will be effective 1st of April and next qtr result will be of demerged entity.

Vikas Ecotech I mentioned at FB group - Value and Growth Stocks. That time it was at Rs 24.3. The below text is from my previous blog post, I have posted here too after few days to inform you. I was checking it slowly and posting there so that others can check it too.
Took entry in Bhansali engineering polymer and Vikas ecotech.
Need to check more. Started small.
Vikas Ecotech at Rs 24.3.
Bhansali engineering polymer at Rs 42.95.