Retail still strong - safe with strong growth potential

Sep 25, 2017

Retail is still going strong. It is safe and having strong growth potentials. In today's market when Small Cap corrected by 2% and Large Cap by 1% then also V-Mart, Future Retail and V2 Retail could show very positive movement.

V-Mart, Future Retail and V2 Retail are all discussed on Facebook Page or Group.

V-Mart could get a place as blog post too. At that time (Jan 2017), it was quoting at Rs 500.CMP: Rs 1448.

Future Group was mentioned many times as group on Facebook Group. Retail as a theme also got the place on group few times to highlight the theme.
Future Consumer got the space a blog post later. At that time price was Rs 34. CMP: Rs 57. Think of Future Retail too. CMP: Rs 544.

V2 Retail I talked mostly at the D-Mart time and it has given good gain. Later I left this.

Facebook Group is fine for now but I may stop using that. So, better think of Facebook page for Value and Growth Stocks.

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