Oct 19, 2017

Great news for Sanwaria Consumer investors

Mentioned Sanwaria Consumer at Rs 8.85 which I have mentioned on Oct 6, 2017 on Facebook but blogged about it on Oct 8, 2017, this FMCG Food company is now trading at Rs 15.5.

BSE notification (dated 18 Oct, 2017) came for Sanwaria Consumer which is very healthy for all of us as that certify that we are at safe place. Few Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI) has entered here.

BSE link

Another food company mentioned recently is Himalya International whose growth is not intact but I am hoping for that.

If I calculate the number of units bought in Sanwaria consumer then it comes to Rs 1.65 Cr roughly. ( I calculated 11 Lakh units roughly and multiplied by Rs 15)

This is not a big amount for FPI and it is not a big percentage of free float of Rs 319 Cr right now. But still four FPIs entry say something about the possibilities of this company and its current valuation. They may lap up more stocks in-case market gives them chance.