Oct 8, 2017

Make In India is in Progress on Smartphone market

I was looking for SmartPhone in Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000 range. Requirement was just normal usages and not about fully gaming device or pure play photographer's device. In normal usages, I can use web browser, Facebook, Twitter, few more social apps, and Gmail. I can play YouTube and few other news websites. Other apps can be portfolio management, productivity management, etc.

I understand that in Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000, I should easily get mobile for above things. So, I searched Amazon for review.

Amazon and FlipKart sell most number of mobile phones. Review is important in electronic items as just numbers can lie easily. Mobiles with 2GB RAM can be beaten by 1 GB RAM. iPhone can beat general 2GB RAM mobiles. Also, it can easily happen that one 2GB RAM mobile is far below another 2GB RAM mobile. Make quality also matters. This happens with Camera too. Camera is easy to test. Test say 12MP camera of one phone with another low branded mobile of 12 MP camera. You will see both are different.

I get result which tells the story of Make-In-India is in progress. I used Sort By: Avg Customer review.

honor 6X
Mi Max 2

This has resulted in two Mi Branded (Mi Max 2) mobiles at top. Xiaomi has two plants here in India. Xiaomi is a Chinese company but source all mobiles from India plant other than Mi 5 which is imported from China.
After two Mi brand mobiles, it was Samsung but I want to ignore this as only 38 people has reviewed it.
I will jump to Honor 6X for high ratings which is of Chinese mobile maker Huawei. Huawei also started working on its plant to make-in-India. Below lines from the article:

Starting from the first week of October 2016, the Flex manufacturing plant in Chennai will manufacture one of the Honor smartphones models. The plant will have the capacity to make three million units by the end of 2017.
If you expected Micormax and other Indian brands in the list then it is your mistake as these brands are too late in taking entry into 4G mobiles. 4G mobiles are common standard for any smartphones.

Most of the parts are imported from China for all of the brands and just assembled here. In assembling they solder all the components locally. Govt gives incentive on duty on imported components. We need quality components manufactured locally for a make-in-India quality mobiles. But assembly also created some job here and helped gain investment too.
Currently, the handset makers in India import semi-knocked down (SKD) units which include the circuit board and the microchip set of the mobile which account for more than half the value of the phones. Most of the other components, including the display screen, wi-fi antenna, mic are also imported and then soldered together in India. To this the ‘Made in India’ components of battery, charger, USB cable and earphones are added and then the finished product is put into the box along with the accessories and the instruction manual.
It will take time for the entire process to be localised. Imports have cost advantages given that India lacks world-class component makers. And here lies an opportunity for the government.

According to the article (Apr, 2017) on this website, these many SmartPhones are manufactured in India.