Nov 23, 2017

Poona Dal and Oil - Can it gain due to edible oil import duty hike

Sanwaria Consumer has said that import duty hike on various edible oil is good for them. What about Poona Dal and Oil?

Poona Dal and Oil has low liquidity. This is a concern if you want to invest more than Rs 1-2 Lakh.

Food processing business is in limelight these days. India has strong requirement about it.

Poona Dal and Oil is not a pick after much investigation but just a quick pick. Check yourself.

Poona Dal and Oil is at Rs 70.

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- MOTI in RBD Palm OIL
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- TIGER is our most popular and trusted brand in soyabean oil in various pack sizes 1 ltr and 500 ml poly pack and jar 2 ltr jars
- RBD palm Oil Is available in Brand name MOTI available 1,15 kg and 15 ltr
- 111- is a super refined palm oil which is specially manufactured in our refinery in short span of time it has gained brand image because of it quality this is sold in loose form along with refined soyabean oil in tankers
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Recently Porinju Veliyath has bought BCL Industries.

Update: Read a recent article that import duty is not good for edible oil companies. Sanwaria may have different reason to tell that it has no effect on this. Sorry! Leave this stock. I have cautioned on low volatility. If you have small stake already and want to check next quarter result then you can take risk.