Dec 8, 2017

Lupin Ltd is available at very cheap valuation

Lupin Ltd from Pharma space is available at cheap valuation and at three years of consolidation.

Lupin is at Rs 814.

It was at Rs 3 in 2000 (every one was a child once!). It was at Rs 2100 in October, 2015. So, it has earned money for its investors but from Oct, 2015 is in downtrend.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is into it and increasing its stake. His time period is not few months but few years. I think, if we could stay for 2-3 years then we can follow him here.
Promoters also buying from open market.

Seeing its quarter result trend, it does not looks, its downtrend is over yet but any good quarter can give tremendous return for its investors of this large multinational pharma company. Profitability is going down due to regulatory issue from USA and here in India. Indian govt has put many items in price cap. But if you think it is near to bottom and the company is not going to die then it is worth looking.