Jan 15, 2018

This can also happen in Stock Market. ऐसा भी होता है

During Dot Com bubble, stock price of Tiscali rose sharply and dropped very sharply. But how sharp?

Tiscali - Italian telecommunications company whose share price rose from €46 upon its IPO in November 1999 to €1,197 in four months. The share price then fell to €40 in less than two months and eventually fell to €0.20.

Tiscali rose to 30x in four months but back to original in just two months. So painful for stock market investor!1997 to 2001 was the period of Dot com bubble/dot com boom/dot com crash/Y2K crash.

But here are important lines on Wikipedia:

During 2000–2002, the bubble collapsed. Some companies, such as Pets.com and Webvan, failed completely and shut down. Others, such as Cisco, whose stock declined by 86%, and Qualcomm, lost a large portion of their market capitalization but survived, and some companies, such as eBay and Amazon.com, later recovered and surpassed their stock price peaks during the bubble.
Here even great companies as we know now also crashed. Cisco and Qualcomm.
eBay and Amazon recovered soon and even surpassed their peak price during bubble.

Tiscali logo
fig. The bubble phases chart of Hofstra University's Jean-Paul Rodrigue. 

Article source of above image

Wikipedia Dot com bubble

Overall here in bubble case too, gaining money can take time but loosing is fast. Also, seeing Tiscali, we can say that amazing and magical things can happen in stock market. You can feel like getting kuber ka khazana at once. But same kuber can snatch the money too. So, be careful.