Feb 8, 2018

Revisiting Sanwaria Consumer - a FMCG company

Sanwaria Consumer is giving Lower Circuit recently. Management has come and declared that it has sold some stake to pare debt. Few are doubtful about it knowing in past SEBI has slapped fine to it for price manipulation. But many has appreciated it for giving bonus and dividend. Those who liked the new gesture has ignored its past and talked about its future.

Recently when Company is giving lower circuit due to market and sale of stake few again started telling something wrong with it. Read that dangerous article on Sanwaria Consumer here.
Problem for me is that I cannot say anything in that detail to you. I do not have data and knowledge and time for that. So, there is a risk.

I thought to give some more time to it. I see that CARE has rated it on July 27, 2017. This is not very old considering Sanwaria Consumer is giving good result like this before July 2017. So, whom to believe - CARE Rating agency or the blogger who talked about it! According to CARE rating, it is rice which is making much of the difference.

CARE rating link is given to you to decide on it. I think, we should give Sanwaria Consumer chance and stay invested. Final decision should be yours.

If your decision is to stay invested and you think that everything is good then it may be the chance to invest more. For high earning we need to catch opportunity at right time.

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