Apr 13, 2018

VIkas WSP from agro commodity space. A Guar Gum company

Vikas WSP is a Guar Gum agro commodity company.

Guar Gum has many usage. It has usages in Share Oil as lubricant. In Vikas WSP, WSP means Water Soluble Polymer.

The Company is one of India's foremost guar gum powder (GGP) manufacturer, supplying to all sectors of the food industry with an extensive range of quality products. Besides food, the company also offers guar gum fo technical applications such as pet food, oil drilling , textile printing, mining paper, etc. Annual production Capacity of all grades of guar gum powder is 39900 MT. The company is committed to provide better products in a timely and efficient manner.
Check Vikas WSP's Products page. It is divided into three page. See pagination at the bottom.

Vikas WSP Ltd. has the privilege to be the world's dominating food grade GGP producer who has implemented HACCP - Food Safety System.

Feb 2018
This year Guar gum is in demand in USA and Middle East.

Export has risen 38% from April 2017 till Dec, 2017.

Vikas WSP consolidates guar gum polymers export business.  News Feb 22, 2018

Vikas Wsp has received orders worth Rs 106.23 crore for newly developed Guar Gum Thermogel-30 for ultra fermented and sausage roll and dairy applications from its MNC customers replacing high priced Locust Bean Gum. Feb 19, 2018 news.

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Vikas WSP was charged few times by SEBI for rule and regulation violation.
- Delay in making Disclosure about pledge shares. Regulatory action in 2017.
- Did not pay dividend within stipulated period. Regulatory action in 2006.

Some info about Guar Gum as commodity:
India accounts for 80 per cent of the world’s production of guar, followed by Pakistan. Rajasthan is the leading producer, contributing 70 per cent of India’s production.
Over 80 per cent of India’s guar products are exported, mainly to the US, Germany and China. The top consuming industry is oil & gas, accounting for 60-65 per cent, followed by food (25-30 per cent) and the rest by pharma. The textile printing industry is the major consumer of guar domestically.

Vikas WSP has market Cap of Rs 267 Cr, whereas Reserve of Rs 965 Cr.

I mentioned it at Rs 12.70 at Facebook Page.
CMP: Rs 14.75.

In 2015-2016, Guar Gum price has hit bottom at around Rs 5000-6000/quintal.

Very old link when Guar Gum was nearing its dream run. Link could be useful for some related information.

Promoters has sold shares two quarters back.This is a big risk. Didn't they predicted that Guar gum price is going to increase!

Apr 23, 2018:
In recent Quarter March Share holders pattern, I see promoters has sold minor part of his stake. They already has low percentage of shares. I disliked it and sold some part today at profit.
  Commodity-wise I still see good score for Guar-Gum. But this was the only listed company.