Apr 26, 2019

BJP, RSS and SIS India are a witchcraft mastermind

I have posted few posts recently about BJP and its organisation SIS India. SIS India is Chowkidar party organisation who hires Chowkidar (Watchman). But this is less of Surveillance organisation than a witchcraft organisation. It the name of detective job it do witchcraft work. It hires many defence personal as well. This org even hire who are Court Marshalled. This all provide more trustworthiness to it when it need it. In journey, when needed, they send different kinds of persons to get info from you. You can trust them. Even sometime, they talk something you do not agree but you fear too seeing well built guy who are not polite to you. This all looks easy to digest to you as you have not faced it but in reality it is not. I need to film a movie to help you understand with all emotions.
In recent posts, you can understand about it.  This is a real life story which like many other things are not getting any attention. Police do not perform or only perform for biggies. They act like they are not having any power. But reality is they do not want to do tough job being in tough job. Did you listened any police leaving job because it is not suitable! How many police left his job due to suitability reasons.

Today, Continue to my few posts, I am posting one another method they applied upon me.
Here are two of the post in this series:

  1. Real but Hidden work of SIS India
  2. SIS India's hidden work and how they perform

This is the third one. 

One day, while I was walking near my home (home address at the bottom) then few students lookalike was also going. In my lane, student population is very high due to colleges and coaching in nearby area. Then, I felt few irritating feeling in my palm. One guy has hit me with his nail. He was holding his hand like this in picture. He was, with few other were walking in same direction. This picture is posted just as reference. 

When I looked at him then I saw hand this way. I thought, it is his nail which is irritating me. BJP goons always keep me in challenged state so I cannot resist much. I saw his fingers touching but there was gap between his fingers and palm and it was clear. He must have kept the device in pocket or thrown that while I was checking my palm and thinking over that. Then, I went home. Reached in 1-2 mins as I was near my home. My narrow lane is very crowded in evening and most of the time compared to normal lane. This gives them another reason to do this kind of thing easily there.

Near home, an ex-ward councillor, named Dilip Mehta (actually mahto) live in few home distance. He and his family supports BJP. Due to this, all nearby supports BJP. So, these goons are fearless nearby. Anyway, very big guy of BJP got this contract. So, power is not a problem for them. They think that all know that BJP is troubling so it is nothing to think much. Anyway, I went home then I saw that part of my palm is filled with puss like thing. This was horrible. Person sick with poison always cannot respond properly to even dangerous thing. I was thinking if this can happen from nail. Is this really my skin got hurt so badly that it looks like blackish in that area. Next to next day possibly, I used blade and tried to cut it a little. Here is picture of that part:

Many years (3-4) has passed but still I feel some difference is there in right hand palm. The area affected due to that is marked with pen today. So, as I was aware of that these people won't let me cure easily and doctor won't say truth so what I did is to cut and see if something comes out. I know, any infection won't cure this way. But still I thought if this is puss then some coming out will help. 
When I tried to cut using blade then it was not cutting easily. I saw that it is very elastic part of skin. Still, in two three efforts I could cut a little and some puss could come out. It was light black kind. I cut at only one location. After 10-15 days or 1-2 months, I could muster courage and visited doctors. But as happens no doctor nearby checked it. Everyone either passed it to other or said it is normal allergy etc. One Doctor Binay Prasad, near Mahendru even has said that nothing happens with needle. He just said it is FDC something. And also he has prescribed Aloevera shop etc which made me clear that he is not looking at this. He has not written me any test of that part. I want to get it tested but wanted that Doctor take responsibility that test will be done properly. From Mahavir Lane, Patna 800006 to Khajanchi Road, I tried many doctors. Few were not sitting on chair that time but small hospital staff simply denied me. He said no this is not checked here. Go somewhere else. I was looking for trusted doctor more than immediate solution. One way or other no patho lab even tested. Everyone passed me. Few said to go to doctor, I do not check self recommended test. So, finally I thought to visit one nearby doctor which is Binay Prasad who did what I was fearing. I paid consultancy fee and bought medicine as well. But then I was sure this is not a medicine but just timepass. I returned every medicine including Aloevera shop. 

This was a story of BJP and RSS men and SIS India as organisation. This is also a story of Patna, Bihar Police. I had visited police (Pirbahore police station) after months. That time the sign on my palm was clearly visible. But here also they first said this is nothing or go to doctor what can I do etc. After insisting they started scolding, mocking etc. 

P. S.
You can check a case number I got after very much of effort from Police. I do not remember, If only for this I got this number or When later I visited for another reason related to this BJP, RSS and SIS India goons then I got this number. I was not aware of BJP, RSS and SIS goons involvement at that time. I was aware of any strong setup got supari but not who has got it. To get FIR number, I need to visit SSP, Patna. Then also, I could not meed SSP but any who was acting in his behalf. The link is a copy of application, I have given to DM, Patna, Kumar Ravi. This is a few twitter Moments, I have created in Oct, 2018.

My guess is that that puss like thing was cancerous puss. They wanted to give me so that either I do not live or spent too much money if I can.

BJP leader who are most possibly attached to this is N.K.Y. of BJP who is a big minister in Bihar govt currently and who can be CM in future.

P. S.
After reading my earlier posts and this post, you may be thinking this is no way allowed to do whatever be the reason. But, police think otherwise. Biggies live their own life in a separate cocoon. They will lecture you about many things but ultimately it ends at POWER. Read 3 days earlier published article about how beggars are made and how they are managed like organized company. But no one is to take care. Beggars pay 25% commission and police beat and arrest those who resist and fight on road if they deny.

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