Apr 3, 2019

Here is How Twitter Trends should work

Is it that Twitter started giving trends for you based on tweets you post? It is a good feature. Twitter needs to improve it. It should change in every 15-20 days too. For example, Currently politics is a hot topic due to #LokSabhaElection2019.

So, even stock market investors are tweeting a lot about politics. Twitter should show trends about politics but also show about finance and stock market. I mostly see trends based on overall news at particular location.

That is why, I get political trends and current event in India. #IPL2019 is going on so Twitter shows me IPL matches trends. Show us more on Stock market trends/news/hot topics.

If Twitter only show trends based on location then political topics and celebrity news will continue flashing everyday. It won't help people in everyday life.

Suppose a doctor is following few doctors and also following medical related news. In general, if Twitter take popularity wise based on location then this doctors topic rarely find any trending topics on mass level. He will only see Indian political news, movie stars news, and sudden event based news like climate disasters or any accident people are discussing. What should #Twitter do here?

Based on above use case scenario, Twitter should create trend based on what doctors are discussing most these days in particular location. This cannot be very narrow location wise but broadly. Like creating this trends based on Patna, Bihar is not easy but can be done this based on India. Also, create for world level news trends for doctors and show few to this Patna doctor.

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