Apr 5, 2019

क्या काम ख़त्म होने के बाद अपने वतन वापस लौट जाना चाहिए? #immigrationmatters

If job is over at foreign location then should you go back to your native place?

Sharing is good for others to participate.

You need to say YES or NO to this Twitter Poll.

Do you know Twitter Poll is anonymous? Means no one can know who voted for what. Just we see results based on vote polled. Even I cannot see if you voted or not. After you cast your vote then you will see result based on your and previous participants.

ट्विटर का पोल गुमनाम होता है. पोल बनाने वाला भी नहीं जान पता की किसने वोट किया है. बस कितने वोट पड़े और किसको कितने पड़े। 

So, Please take part in this Poll and pass on for others to take part. Later, you can come back when many people has participated then data will have more information based on so many participants.

This poll will run for 7 days. So, eights days you have result based on all voters.