May 7, 2019

Fake Saint Vs Fake Watchman चौकीदार

Like fake saint Raavan at Sita Haran time, we have fake watchman (चौकीदार) at top-most post of India. From small tea vendor's son to watchman, BJP is doing marketing gimmick. He has not done anything to support farmer's income so that they can live respectfully. Fake promise is that BJP will double farmers income by 2024.

Very important point to note is BJP has amassed huge money from corporate world. After election, when in govt BJP pay to them. Try to understand how in the name of GST, BJP govt has left small businessmen. No training to small businessmen, no free software for GST. Also, if small businesses were not paying taxes then also we all know they do not blackmail us but big businesses blackmail us by charging huge margin.
Small businessmen always pass margin to retail customers. Local grocery shops do not run on big margin. But, this Modi govt was abusing them like they run with billions of Rupees like various Modi run with money to England.