May 16, 2019

How credible is news channel?

These days, few articles are coming from Twitter. Means first I post on twitter then I decide to post here then I share that. Twitter is a microblogging site. So, microblogging has won many hearts. Though, posts on website and blogs are easily searchable I think and more permanent I think.

Search for credibility of started after reading this article:
"How fake intellectuals are attacking Modi wrongly on NSSO data"

I thought, why no one posted Fake GDP case this way. It looked good to read but problem is we do not know many faces of any complex systems. This creates holes which allow others to manipulate us. #ModiKaFakeGDP was trending on twitter for few days in a row.

I am sharing you my Tweet, which I posted today. Short and Succinct posts for which twitter is known.

First tweet in image of the mentioned thread (You can use the link to directly read on twitter):

Actual Tweet Thread embedded here:

In Short:
I found that this is linked to Republic TV. It is also linked to BJP MP Rajiv Chandrasekhar.
Zee Group holds 3% stake. Star India hold 51% stake. Star India is a Rupert Mudoch's company.

Article Author's image is not used which has raised suspicion. Reading few headlines of his previous written articles raised doubt. See the screenshot. How the article read: Rahul Gandhi, the unstoppable lie machine.

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