May 16, 2019

Nathuram Godse should be remembered as a Murderer or a terrorist or a Revolutionary Nationalist?

Nathuram Godse should be remembered as 

1. a Murderer or
2. a terrorist or
3. a revolutionary nationalist?

How future generation of India should remember Nathuram Godse? How present generation remember him? Present generation was not at Mahatma Gandhi's time. Present generation do not have context. So, the way history is written is important. How most of the Indian feel about his is important.

Pragya Thakur has raised this issue when she recently said that Nathuram was Nationalist. Kamal Haasan has termed him as terrorist.

I opining my view clearly here. I think he should be termed as Murderer. He could be termed as revolutionary somehow but no way as terrorist. Terrorism and Terrorist definition does not suit here.

Here is RSS and BJP's version of their view on Nathuram Godse:

Nathuram Godse has killed M. K. Gandhi.
According to BJP & RSS, he killed because due to him, our nation was divided into 2 based on Hindu-Muslim. That resulted in Lakhs of deaths but Gandhi couldn't be punished as there was no law then.

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