Jun 11, 2019

Causes of Depression: Illness and Chemical attack

Yes, these are different than you generally read. Work load, tension due to xyz, etc.

Depression is real. We know depression is caused by persistent stress etc but there could be other reasons too. Here I talked about two of those other reasons. If faced with depression and you look for various solution based on common problems that causes depression then you just waste your time without any real lasting success. Stress are here for real too but small stress does not affect us human. We (our ancestors) lived in Jungle once with constant threats from fierce animals. We are all equipped with fighting stress. Few are more adapt to it.

Here are common causes of depression you usually read:

Commonly talked reasons for depression

I am mentioning other reasons of depression so that you could look at these points too if faced with Depression. You can look at these possible reasons if others are facing Depression issues too.

Depression is very dangerous and affects many for short duration.  #DepressionIsReal
Short-term depression come and go. But, lasting depression can cause suicide. Only few survive. So, it is very good killing tool of witches. No, murder charges. Got it!

Few chemical causes depression like normal depression you may have felt or others have felt in any point in life. Few illness also affect mind in a way you won't assume that it can affect you in that way.
Typhoid is one such illness which causes depression very fast. Detection of Typhoid may happen many days after you really got affected by it.

Spreading Typhoid is easy. Just poke with infected needle. Even without any blood visible, target is affected with it. He usually won't notice that you touched him with that intent. Even if he will notice, he will ignore as nothing visible has happened. No pain felt.
You can poke him with any prop as well. Like a labour carrying his equipment and hit on target's leg. Then because of heavy equipment, target may fume on him but leave him thinking labourer just mistakenly hit him and not much harm has happened. Heavy equipment will hit a little so he has noticed it that something has hit his leg but first time attack with way is good as his good skin can puncture easily this way. Later on, you can infect him easily. Typhoid affects your skin and make it brittle. It last longer than a month. For one month, you can notice it easily but it take much longer that this time to fully recover from brittle skin.

Depression is the mother of many problems.

- All From real life experience,

Do read BJP, RSS and SIS India great work (Witchcraft) on society in my recent posts. There are few on them around this post. You will get the chemical name in that which I have experienced and gone though the pain for years on regular basis.