Apr 10, 2020

Why no one is targeting Disinfectants used on surfaces and humans?

No one targeted disinfectants for Share Market gain through investment. Every time I listened about Sanitizers and masks.
I read Sodium Hypochlorite/bleach is in use on humans to disinfect them by spraying.

Gujarat Alkalies & Chem, DCM Shriram and many other manufactures it. Is this having any future from here?
What are the companies to target?

Also, there could be another chemical to disinfect surface of places - Hospital, Public place, etc. What are those chemicals? Are they having value from here or those already gained big?

What Chemical Companies you think are fighting Corona Virus and what are you targeting?  

Corona Virus or COVID2019 fight is here to sustain for some more time.

Another Chemical found mention is Ethyl Alcohol (70%) to clean surface.