May 15, 2020

Alembic Pharma is looking good to laod from Pharma industry

Alembic Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a good stock to check from Pharma industry. Available at a very attractive valuation. More fear of Corona and spread means more value to Pharma companies. So, load few pharma stocks.
Alembic Pharma is trading at CMP: Rs 874.
Careful there is one stock named Alembic Ltd too. I only talked about Alembic Pharma.

You can also check IOL Chemicals. Available at very cheap PE but has gained recently. Any bad news can make it down but it does not look like a dangerous stock at this valuation. CMP: Rs 380.

Caplin Point Lab is trading at Rs 325 is also a good stock. It was having very high margin and profit early. After entering to USA market, its expenses has increased. So, it has lost some momentum but I think it is very cheap. Worth checking.