Jul 16, 2020

Is there a list of fearless Crime reporters in Bihar?

Is there a list of fearless Crime reporters in Bihar?

If I can find few then I can inform them about how BJP, RSS and SIS India poison people all over India. It can pour poison on even raw vegetable, on body and even inside packaged items. Inside packaged items possibly it has something to spray using a fine hole. It even pour poison on milk packets. Then milk vendor will ask to pick packet instead of giving it to you.

I have filed a online complaint as police do not register cases and instead torture. In that I have asked for CCTV footage where BJP/ RSS men can be seen injecting poison on road. No, use. Police closed the case silently.

BJP men has injected poison many times to me. But, police has not done any real inquiry. Without police, Indian will feel more independent as common man won't be slave of few close to power and those in politics.

Few pictures from Raghunath Path, Danapur. Now, if you visit the area then you will see these are all the vegetable vendors in Raghunath Path, Danapur, Patna, Bihar. Then do not BJP/ RSS men fear anyone? Who to fear when Police is not functioning and when BJP and RSS have so many people of different kinds. Also the poison they use work slowly. Slowly either you will die out of depression or you will like to be slave or you catch various illness. Your organs stops working properly. Diabetics kinds of disease is not far.