Nov 19, 2020

Two stocks to look for decent gain ahead

West Coast Papers and Bhansali Engineering Polymers are worth checking. West Coast papers is at Rs 173 and Bhansali Engineering Polymers is at Rs 103. 

Paper industry was a hit like many others due to COVID. Paper industry has not receoved as colleges, schools and offices were closed and are still mostly closed. But, due to high valuation of other industry, paper stocks may run now.
Anyway, West Coast papers is a great company. The stock is trading at very attractive valuation to buy. Sales in Sept is 20% lower but margin was a big hit.

Bhansali Engineering Polymers is going to get benefits from lower crude oil price in Dec quarter as well. In Sept quarter it has posted excellent result. The stock is at multiyear low.

BEPL is a vertically integrated petrochemical company that Manufactures ABS which acts as a raw material for leading companies dealing in Automobiles, Home Appliances, Telecommunications, Luggage, Bus Body and various other multifaceted applications.


I have mentioned Bhansali Engineering two times in this blog. One time BEPL has worked very good and second time BEPL has not. Bear market has not allowed it to work second time. 

In paper companies, West Coast is doing good from some year. I have mentioned  WSTCSTPAPR few times.

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West Coast Paper Mills