Feb 10, 2022

Betnovate N and Betnovate C cream: use and side effects

Both Betnovate creams are used to treat the inflammation which can be psoriasis. N is for Neomycin which is an antibiotic. C stand for Clotrimazole which is an Antifungal. So, this way multiple types of skin problems are cured with Betnovate.

Betamethasone (a type of Steroid) is common on both and this is a strong Steroid. Dermatologists do not suggest it for more than 2 weeks as this has serious side effects. Also, this cream must not be applied on soft skin like face. There she has said that when people stop using Betamethasone then problems occur. She has suggested using Cutisoft (salt: Hydrocortisone) which is mild.

Dr Surbhi has also suggested using Cutisoft when you want to stop using Betnovate cream. Like alcohol, Betamethasone is addictive and stopping it can cause problems in your skin. So, try with a milder steroid.

This article is a note to myself.

Photo Credit: FavoritePlus