Aug 13, 2022

Purine and Uric Acid in blood link

Purine is broken down by body to form Uric Acid. Purine may look useless when Uric Acid is high in serum and you are advised to consume low Purine food.
What purine means?
(PYOOR-een) One of two chemical compounds that cells use to make the building blocks of DNA and RNA. Examples of purines are adenine and guanine. Purines are also found in meat and meat products. They are broken down by the body to form uric acid, which is passed in the urine.


High Purine foods (means which increases Uric Acid in blood):

  • Meat products
  • Pulses but Moong daal is fine.
  • Peas
  • Soya

Actually avoid all meat products till Uric Acid come under control. Other things can be taken in moderation which still have high Purine like Peas.

Is Ghee good in high Uric Acid?

Confusing view on internet but I took it as Ok. 

Is pickle good to have in High Uric Acid?

Pickle is good. it does not raise Uric Acid level and help in digestion.

Most of the answers are very unclear about foods with Purine content. If you ask, can i eat Paneer in High Uric acid case or IS Paneer high Purine food then answers are like:

Do not eat Meat, ... do not eat high fat products etc.. then at last eat low fat diary products. What does this mean? Now, the question is if Paneer is high or low fat? In my search, it is neither high or low fat.

Jul 5, 2022

Types of Atheism

Here are four types of Atheism discussed. We should know different types of Beliefs and non-beliefs.

Broadly three types of Atheism are:

  1. Non-religious
  2. Nonbelievers
  3. agnostic

    Symbol of Atheism

Know more about Atheism and its types

Feb 10, 2022

Betnovate N and Betnovate C cream: use and side effects

Both Betnovate creams are used to treat the inflammation which can be psoriasis. N is for Neomycin which is an antibiotic. C stand for Clotrimazole which is an Antifungal. So, this way multiple types of skin problems are cured with Betnovate.

Betamethasone (a type of Steroid) is common on both and this is a strong Steroid. Dermatologists do not suggest it for more than 2 weeks as this has serious side effects. Also, this cream must not be applied on soft skin like face. There she has said that when people stop using Betamethasone then problems occur. She has suggested using Cutisoft (salt: Hydrocortisone) which is mild.

Dr Surbhi has also suggested using Cutisoft when you want to stop using Betnovate cream. Like alcohol, Betamethasone is addictive and stopping it can cause problems in your skin. So, try with a milder steroid.

This article is a note to myself.

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Jan 8, 2022

Reading about aloud क्या बोलकर पढ़ने से कोई फायदा है?

बोलकर पढ़ने के कई फायदे है. मुझे तो छाती का कुछ एक्सरसाइज करना पड़ता है, इसलिए फायदा लगता है. लेकिन असल फायदे ये है:

  1. याद रखने में सहायक। 
  2. जिस आईडिया की बात हो रही है लिखित में,बोलकर पढ़ना, उसे समझने में सहायक 
  3. सामाजिक सम्बन्ध मजबूत होते है. बच्चे को पढ़कर सुनना अच्छा होता है. आपके और बच्चे के बीच सम्बन्ध बनता है. बड़ो के लिए भी फायदेमंद. 
  4. बोलकर पढ़ना मनोरंजक भी है. दो लोग यदि बोलकर पेपर पढ़े तो दोनों का मनोरंजन और बातचीत का बहाना बनेगा. 


Read in details here in English

4 Reasons Why Reading Out Loud Is Actually Good For You

Oct 16, 2021

Movie "Free Guy" on Hotstar+ and your real life are connected

"Guy" is The Hero in The Movie "Free Guy" is as if he is in the ISIS or Taliban state and people around him are treating him as allowed by the ISIS head or Taliban head but he opposes the world. People tell him fake and corrupt. If he believes in their surrounding then he is like a video game character who is unreal.

If you are in India and could see everything BJP and RSS (+SIS India) have created and doing here in India then you are the "Guy" here.

BJP and RSS can infect you with infections and inject you with poisons. Poison can a slow poison or of any kind but police would not help. It will act as if nothing is happening and you are mad. If you resist then they will scold you, mistreat you. Later it can threaten you as well. But, Police would not act against BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. This is the situation especially in Bihar. Managing various accidents are common things.

#FreeGuy #Hotstar