Sep 10, 2021

How much to believe in Share Buyback?

Shares Buyback - Does it work for investors?

"the data indicates that of around 70 buybacks in FY19, 75 per cent have under-performed Nifty 50 and 60 per cent have under performed Nifty 500."

Further, 45 per cent have given negative returns. A good example is McLeod Russel which, in FY19, announced a buyback of 4.35 per cent of its shares is down by 90%.

It is fashionable for few companies to announce a buyback when prices go low to boost the share price. But, few does not mean to fulfil that.
PC Jewellers has announced a buyback but could not fulfil when Banks has not given NOC.

So, do not rush to buy stocks when you see share buyback news. It may work for intraday traders and BTST traders but not for everyone. As a retail investor, look at fundamental of stocks more than anything else. Buybacks, promoters buy etc are just add little weightage to many many criteria you should look before you initiate a buy call.

In bull market, buybacks and small buy of shares by promoters happen just to boost stocks price by Chor promoters.

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Sep 6, 2021

Hero MotoCorp is looking at right price with right time to take an entry

Already stock market is trading at high valuations but economic growth is not matching. We need to keep ourselves ready for correction. Small Cap investors need to be more cautious. Small Cap investors have earned very high income in past one and half year. Now, time is to either preserve the gain or shift toward more secure counters. 

Time is very ripe to take an entry into Hero MotoCorp at this price. TVS Motor could also be good to take entry but Hero Moto is looking better. TVS Motor has very high Debt.

Current Market price is Rs 2817. In Oct 2020, HERO MOTO has a tie-up with Harley Davidson which will help the company in premium segment later.

The company is trading at PE 18.1 against its long-term average of 19.6. 

Job loss of common people could hurt this company as this is more into entry-level segment. But, auto segment was already into recession here in India for many reasons. Regulatory reason was also there (BS VI).

I think in case of strong market correction, being here is safer than at any other place. Earning potential is also there.

Aug 24, 2021

How about Lottery tickets made for Olympics?

UK Sports, responsible for funding British Athletes, covered almost half (80 million pounds) of the money from the lottery.

The UK is not the only one funding Olympics budgets from Lottery Tickets. Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Denmark are in the same league where Govt has allowed Lottery Operators to bring lottery tickets to benefits local sports organizations. So, even lottery tickets can be used to benefit nation.

Why our govt do not fund sports this way?

Aug 19, 2021

भेजा फ्राई अम्लीय जानता पार्टी ऑफ इंडिया

I think I have posted this info here before. But today I am again posting the info from my Facebook post.

Important: Any content about BJP, RSS and SIS India here is used without my written permission. I do not know how long these information can stay here. BJP could delete my very very detailed Email which has finally moved Bihar Police to do inquiry against RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). But, you that has closed and also MY MAIL is Missing from my Inbox. So, make good use of the information I have provided. Spread it so that it can reach right place. If nothing else, at least few lives could be saved!

1st, 2nd and 4th show how BJP is cooking Indian economy. 3rd is just for reference. 2nd and 3rd bought on the same day. सभी को पानी से धोया गया था। फिर भी कैसे दूसरा वाला में पानी और गुदा अलग हो गया। पहला वाला धोया नहीं गया था और ये किसी अन्य दिन का खरीदा है। कितना ख़तरनाक है। धो के पकने से भी असर ज्यादा कम नहीं होता। और जो धोता है उसके शरीर में भी जाता है। मिर्ची एसिड संभालने में आगे है। इसलिए ये कई दिन तक छुपा लेता है। ये मिर्ची किसी बड़ा पाव के प्लेट से नहीं लिया गया और ना ही तला गया है। तीन चार दिनों बाद ऐसा हो गया। #रघुनाथ_पथ, #दानापुर, #आरएसएस, #बीजेपी, #RaghunathPath, #Danapur. Musallahpur haat में पालक के साग में मिलता था, पर पता नहीं चला था। बैंगन में तो अंदर ही इंजेक्ट कर देता है। 

All the information provided here is being used all over India. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, this is at far dangerous level and more prevalent.

Aug 17, 2021

What are the benefits of Lineage OS compared to Android OS from manufacturers?

I was looking for updating my mobile. I see from long, I have not get any updates. This is Android 9 and I see even security update last come in Aug 2020. Very unfair. It happens with most mobile phone after 2 years. Mine is Xiaomi Mi A1.

LineageOS looks promising. It even has officially custom ROM for Mi A1. But, can I run every apps I have from Google Play Store?

What advantage I will get from Custom ROM say Lineage OS? I expect some difficulty compared to well tested Android from Xiaomi.

Biggest benefit I see is that it Lineage OS will provide latest Android. While my mobile is at Android 9 and cannot get updated from here Lineage OS can provide me Android 11. But the sad part is Mi A1 supported ROM is Lineage OS 17.1 which is Android 10 which is better than Android 9 on my phone. So, I can move one 1 step but not ahead from there! For Mi A2, Android 11 version is there.

This should be a good read on the topic:

How can I upgrade my mobile if my mobile company has stopped supporting my phone?