Defense: India is coming on right track

Jan 31, 2007

It is good India has started giving importance to weapons development.
Of late India is coming on right track in defense issues. India has started giving importance to research and development for developing their weapons. This time, it is going with Russia and it is possible only due to Russia’s need for support. But with the success of Bramos, I think India got the taste of success and got the importance of the time.

India and Russia agreed to develop 5G Fighter.

India should only maintain minimum deterrent purchasing security related things. Because Pakistan is not going to declare full bar and China is not Pakistan. China knows that doing war will cause great harm, and India is not a small country and India has good power also.

Developing our own weapons can only make us capable of taking on china and big country. Then we can create pressure on China.

Indian Express has done good job highlighting the failure of DRDO.

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