Jan 25, 2007

I am not an Indian

What the hell about the local address proof

I am in Maharashtra from past 3 years. At the start one and half years I were in Pune and after that I am in Mumbai.
I had Voter-I-Card at that time.
After lots of problem I get my bank account opened using Employer's help. Thanks to them and The Saraswat Co-operative Bank Ltd.
I got salary account after 3-4 months coming to mumbai.
After some months I moved to new company and they told to get PAN Card for tax purpose. I got the PAN card. They did not created much problem about local address proof. They became happy with permanent address proof for which I submitted Voter-I-Card and Company offer letter.
After getting PAN card and having voter card I though that it will be right proof for opening Bank account, but no, it is not.

My question is How I can get my local address proof which they accept.

These days I have two bank account:- mentioned above and another is of SCB (Standard Chartered Bank) again using Employer's help means salary account.

But I want to open a PPF (Public Provident Account) account. For that I got two address for this: one is Post Office and another is SBI (State Bank Of India).
Both require local address proof / reference. How can I get this. I am living with someone. Do they want to purchase flat or they want all the rent flat giving lot of money as deposit. I can now afford rented Flat. But does this means I have to do this only for getting local address proof. I have SCB statement, but both SBI does not accept that.

Now I got another thing which can help: driving licence. Someone has told me this will help getting local address proof and you will learn driving licence.
This way I will become correct Indian person. They become assured about me.

My question is why I cannot have an account. I know they need unique Identification. For that I can give Voter card and PAN proof. Do not these are fine.
But the another real question is: In these days people travel more. What will happen when I will move to another place. Again I have to present local address proof. Again I will have same problem like electricity bill etc. I don't have right to save money. I don't have right to move freely in India.
How people get identification when people move to foreign country. Don't they believe only on Indian Govt. given proof. So why they cannot accept my Permanent proof like PAN and Voter card.

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