Jan 29, 2007

INC Congress - law making party (bogus)

Congress only believes in making law. Congress always tries to win votes making law which cannot be implemented at the time like he updated the law on child labor. What is the use of that? First he must have tried to implement correctly the existent law on this. People sends their child for work because they are poor and not by fashion. So, government should first concentrate on eliminating poverty and not on making law. Childs are generally safe in working house compared to other working places. By enacting such law that child cannot work in home as support, only good people will be penalized who is law abiding man. Others will live as they are living.
By making such law which is not very good in implementation at the time, government is only making people feel guilty.
Other big law he is trying to make is on reservation. He is making arrangement for reservation using tax payers’ money. Then also it is not viable. Reservation should be made on economic status of the family. Muslim leaders did the right job for this. Muslim community focused on poverty based reservation and not caste based. This way tax payer’s money can be utilized properly. Caste based politics only trigger hatred among community and not development.