Feb 16, 2007

Indian Corporate Confidence

Our Indian Corporate confidence is largely coming from India’s good economic progress in past years with good economic future prospects.

We have a large pool of young and intelligent mind. This is also supporting the growth. This is meaningful as some of the country is aging. With confidence for good economic future, our corporate leaders have started taking risk. They are assured that they can support and sustain the takeover in case their decisions proved little wrong.

Good economic progress is attracting lot of foreign funds also. They are coming for making profits. Indian government should try to emphasize on fundamental pillars of economic growth and directly or indirectly guide foreign firms to invest in these areas. Economic reforms and process change for development has also helping very much.

Indian takeover smells of roses

India becoming a world-class manufacturer: US study

Tata Corus Deal

I am sure with corporate entering into retail market, consumer based economy will get a boost. This will greatly help villages and that in turn create new consumers.

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