Mar 11, 2007

Regional Parties – need of hour or a headache from past

In India, there are number of regional parties. After the weakening of lone truly national party ‘Congress’, these regional parties was need of that time. Though they could not provide good alternative for a political party to India, they provided alternative of congress at that time.
With time these regional parties has grown in number. Most regional parties fanned regionalism and religion divide and grown to some extent. In south India, these regional parties did some good work, but in north India especially in Bihar, Utter Pradesh, Jharkhand, they did nothing good. In other states like Punjab, Harayana, J & K they performed average.

I think time has come to bury many regional parties. Instead of doing any good to societies they are spreading tension in regions. They get votes on the basis of communalism and regionalism, because here national parties cannot do well. (In bad times national parties have tried and got success also but they paid heavily after that in one place or other.)

Now we have two national parties which can be said truly national: INC Congress and BJP. Congress has presence in all the nook and corner of this country. But it is failing due to its working style. It is still trying to hijack regional parties manifesto and their work culture for getting their lost glory. Congress is forgetting that these parties got success sometimes due to its small regional presence.

For a developed India, we need two good national parties who can not only understand regional expectation but also understand national demand. Otherwise we will end up talking great only, like in BMC election in Mumbai where on one side voice of making Mumbai like a world class city was raised and on the other side poor/farmers were committing suicide.