Mar 19, 2007

Undue importance to Cricket in India

Bob Woolmer died after shocking defeat of Pakistan from minnows Ireland that put them out of the World Cup 2007.

This kind of pressure is also on Indian coach Greg Chappell. In India and Pakistan, Cricket is the only game people are serious. Others games are not as popular as cricket in both countries.

In Cricket, both countries are not very good in Cricket as they should be. This is only because of politics and personal preferences in selection procedures. Politicians are involved in Cricket as this is viewed and listened by large number of people of both countries. Due to this, both countries are not as good in cricket in world ranking as they should be. Players are given very much importance due to popularity of this game in these countries.
Lot of players (Billiards: Geet Sethi, Shooting: Jaspal Rana, Chess: viswanathan anand) are doing great job in other games in India, but they are not getting due attention.

I will only demand instead of pressuring Coach we should give importance to game and what a game demands.