Apr 22, 2007

Human trafficking comes to light in India by Law maker

Babubhai Katara, MP (Member of Parliament) from Dahod in Gujarat, found in human trafficking case. This episode came to light last Wednesday and investigations in the human trafficking case saw revelations that some more lawmakers may be in involved in such acts.

While Katara, MP from Dahod in Gujarat, has already been suspended by BJP, this is very absurd for BJP and whole India.

Lok sabha has already seen very bad days in its 14th term and expelled 10 of its member in its 14th term for 'cash for query scam'.

Law maker are involved in such crimes then who will protect law here.

It is very bad time for BJP and other parties, whose member are involved in this case.

BJP, who claims for its ideology must check its members before giving tickets for any election and party post.

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