Apr 12, 2007

Nuclear Non Proliferation in World

Every now and then some countries are coming with nuclear program. And when it happens then aaka of the world (Permanent member of UN SC) come to discuss the issue. They come with many restrictive program like Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT). I think if there would be some greater destruct than this atom bomb then these powerful states did not come to stop all those country who want nuclear power.

All countries who want to acquire nuclear power are challenging the powerful state. Powerful states don't want to loose their supremacy in world. Morally we cannot say to anyone that does not acquire any power so that you don't have fear from me. Now nuclear technology has spread in many countries and in near future not only Iran and Iraq but lot of country will try to acquire it. They will try to acquire for bomb (for nuclear deterrent) or for their energy requirement.

I my opinion, only solution for this nuclear threat - is getting a far powerful technology for protecting the nuclear