Apr 7, 2007

Tussle between Govt. And Legislature: India

In the previous Lok Sabha Election (for Member of Parliament), people has not voted to any party for any large change in constitution. People have would not be expecting any big change or new policy either. People of India have given very fractural mandate in last MP election. It means they only support government for taking small change. They did not rejected NDA (National Democratic Alliance) style of function totally (NDA manage to get good number of votes) neither they were sure of all the party which could form government at the center in absence of NDA, Which is current UPA.

So, when number of people, organizations and educational experts opposed the move on the reservation, government must not try to implement quota in higher educational institutions.

Lok Sabha speaker, Somnath Chatterjee, always become vocal about the judiciary’s role. They always have seen reminding the judiciary about their role. But they perhaps always forget the number of people they or their government are representing and the way they are representing. In India percentage of people goes to vote is not high (around 50%) as they know the majority of leaders who are in fray are not good enough. I myself not support this kind of attitude about the election. People should vote for the fittest (fittest survive). Democracy wise if current govt. gets support from opposition on any issue then also they must give head to organizations all over the country, demonstration by people and views of experts.

By not giving clear majority to any party or front and important to note that not a single party gas got very surprising number of seats from their past performance, people has kept their power of vote to themselves.

Info of Last MP Election