May 21, 2007

Akal Takht and sikh community is doing atrocities on week community

Dera Chief has expressed regret and much protest has already been made by sikh group, so they should now forget that episode. Instead of that sikh leaders are becoming more aggressive.
Sikh religious leaders asked Dera to close all establishments. Sikh hardliners are also planning for suicide attack on Deras, Which is very unfortunate for society.

The problem occurs when Dera Chief imitated the attire of tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh. Sri Guru Gobind Singh is much respected ninth guru of Sikh community.

Sikh community is by and large peaceful community. They do their work and do not believe in interfering with others.

Dera is not as strong as Sikh Community in number of followers and others parameters. Dera chief is facing probe against “murder and rape”. So they may be facing difficulty in protecting their community at this juncture.