May 5, 2007

Food security is at risk in India

India is at risk in self-sufficiency in food production. Production of cereals during 2004-2007 has averaged a dismal 174 kg per person per year. The report is prepared for agriculture minister Sharad Pawar.

Food security situation is quite alarming, with per capita availability's of food grain, cereals and pulses falling to levels recorded almost 25 years ago.

Pulses are an essential protein provider for masses. Its production is continuously sliding from 19 kg per person per year during 1971-1971 to 12 kg during 2004-2005.

Low investment in agriculture and migration of farmers in other areas of economy are showing very adverse effort in agriculture.

It seems export restriction will not curb the price rise in essential food items. This is the tool government generally use for curbing price rise.

Now government should use will its resources in creating more cultivable land, irrigation facility and more investment.

Government should also impart education in agricultural methods
so that people can avail higher education in their village. Large number of people come to city for higher education and don’t go to their village for doing their traditional job, as they now think that their knowledge is of no use their. They also don’t want to go to village after spending years in city. If they are provided good education facility and general infrastructure in village then many talented mind will not migrate to city and this will cerate huge difference to agriculture.

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