May 7, 2007

Husain order surprising: Legal experts

The Haridwar court ordered the attachment of his properties in a case related to the alleged obscene depiction of a Hindu goddess in his paintings. The Haridwar court had also issued a non-bailable warrant against Husain when he failed to appear in court.

Legal experts have expressed surprise at the Haridwar court’s order to attach the properties of famed painter M F Husain and said that such an "extreme" position was rarely taken even in the case of notorious criminals.
My only response is that whether he is famed painter or any other person, he has taken for granted the Indian society. He is enjoying media attention for court order for his arrest by leaving outside India. He did not try creating problem in Indian society only once but many times. He has painted Indian deities in obscene manner many times. And for his fame, I will say that he get fame only by playing with media hype and style of working which is generally adopted by Bollywood personality. But those issues were not as grave as this is. Many artists would have more art in them than Hussain. He has issued arrest warrant before.

Husain kind of person must be punished by law. Then these people will learn a lesson for this kind of act. It is a good start by Haridwar court instead.

Source: indiatimes