May 28, 2007

India should not sign on nuclear deal with America or any other country

All nuclear countries are creating problems for new nuclear country or countries, which are not approved by United Nation. They want monopoly in nuclear market this way.

America and others know that nuclear energy is need of the future. Energy demand is growing day by day and there is no clear substitute for petroleum this time. So nuclear energy is the only option we have for reliable energy demand. So these countries are trying to stop development in name of nuclear power. India not only has good records for world peace but it also has every reason for other countries in believing that India will not attack on any country.

India’s power demand will increase to two times in peak hours in just four years assuming 8-9 per cent GDP growth, which is very real in current scenario. The growth rate of demand for power in developing countries is generally higher than that of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). I will say this is just conservative estimate only. Large part of country has no power access. If all villages are provided access to power then this could be three times.

Developed countries are trying to milk others in name of world peace. They are selling nuclear technology to others in exchange of lots of money and other benefits.

India should wait for more time on the current deal, which is on progress. By that time India should try do temporary arrangement for nuclear supply. India can occur temporarily loss in this field currently but it cannot bear the future demand without nuclear energy and power.

In just two to five years these super power will see lots of countries is trying to develop nuclear capabilities for energy demand or for nuclear deterrent. Then they cannot stop country like India for doing anything in this field. Currently they are busy with Iran, Pakistan and other few countries.