May 11, 2007

Uttar Pradesh (UP) election 2007

Current UP election outcome is:
BSP: leading in 203 (68)
SP: leading in 68 (25)
BJP: leading in 59 (19 )
Congress: leading in 25
Independents: leading in 29

Number in brackets are indicating the already declared seats.

For BJP, its worst electoral showing since 1991 and for Congress this is the same as the last time.

In the 2002 assembly elections, the BSP had won 99 seats while the Samajwadi Party bagged 143. The BJP was third last time too, winning 88 seats and the Congress had secured 25 seats.

Congress (Sonia Gandhi) and independent tried to take credit for election result, which gone in favor of BSP (Mayawati), but at the same time party is trying to woo BSP for alliance. Congress is eying to increase his vote share for future.

In UP and Bihar, caste equation is most important factor for winning election. This is still there but with difference. May be this loose the caste based politics damaging both states. Mayawati has started with dalit (backward) vote bank, but in this election she focused to upper caste base.

This is a classic example of social engineering in recent years, which can also be classified as one of the biggest attempts in India's political history.
Can this spark new ear in Indian politics. If this can, then development will be the only reliable buzzword in coming election.
I wish Mayawati good luck and may she be succeed in combining all classes of her state as she tried. Then she can surely ensure Uttar Pradesh's development in coming years.

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