Jun 9, 2007

Banning Problem Site or Blog

These days in India and especially in Mumbai many of you are listening of banning orkut. Today one of my colleagues mailed me some groups on orkut. Those are some of the groups on orkut which was telling or abusing India. They have sent links with the mail.

My colleague’s concern was Indian nationalism. Many political parties are also raising voices about banning orkut and many other sites. These parties are famous for moral policing. My colleague is liberal but they suggested disabling a group is easy just click on abuse on left side of group. If 1000 members report this abuse to Google, then Google will disable those groups. I respect my colleague view.

I visited two of those communities. One of those was easy named like “I Hate India”. After reading those communities I realized that there were just idiots like posting and nothing else. That was not maintained with clear thinking and concern. Just one people want to play with so they started a community like this. Even members of these groups were not consistent with their view. On one of those communities, they used Aishwarya images for group who is Indian.

Internet is open community and I suggest people don’t go anywhere you do not like to read or see. Internet is not like a newspaper registered in your society/country. It is not a text book your children are forced to read once set as course for a certain standard. You may land these pages accidentally some time but you can always close browsers. One good thing for orkut is that they do not allow using image at front page or main pages. Images are more offensive.

Children are more adaptive and habitual than you in viewing many bad things or ads. As an average they may view more 200 ads per day (I assume), at home in TV, hoarding at road, and when surfing internet.

So, do not heat up your mind reading these kind of useless site and create inadvertently page views for these sites/blogs. I said to my friend that in you orkut page only 6 persons came on yesterday but on those pages may be more than 100 peoples are coming, Because you are advertising for these sites unintentionally (they given me link to see and report abuse).