Jun 1, 2007

Demand for ST (Schedule Caste) Status

Demands for entering into reservation bracket are becoming worse. Number of castes, communities and tribes are trying to enter into reservation status. Recently it is Gujjar of Rajasthan is demanding this ST status.

In many states reservation is 50 percent of total capacity. Some states government has tried to provide reservation more than fifty percent of seats available in govt. jobs.

Government tries to provide reservation purely on political basis and not for betterment of that society. Sometimes they would have do it for betterment of that castes but then also they checks whether this will benefits their poll result or not.

Current row over Schedule Caste status in Rajasthan is very interesting and disturbing for me. It is interesting, as this has put government of Rajasthan on hold. This situation will prove to be thought provoking for all political parties who give reservation lollypop to weaker section on cost of whole society without any good reason. Many parties have tried to play good politics (for them) over it.

The current fight in Rajesthan is between one who already one who already has ST status and another who is demanding for it. So it is war for ST status and who will enjoy ST status. Meena caste in Rajesthan is enjoying this Schedule Caste status and they are in better position in society. Meena do not want this status to be given to Gujjar’s of Rajesthan. Gujjar’s complain from Rajesthan govt. is that Meena is in better position them us still they are enjoying this status and government is unnecessarily delaying providing this status to us.

This kind of fight may give a reason to political parties thinking on reservation issues. Government can invest resources used for reservation for betterment of lower and backward castes.