Jul 15, 2007

Eight worlds Hindi Conference Comes to an End

At eight world Hindi conference many dignitaries spoken about the Hindi language, their greatness and recognized it as Indian language.

There were nine sessions in three days in 8th world Hindi conference.
The conference was jointly organized by the Indian External Affairs Ministry and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
This conference will honor 40 people for their outstanding contribution to the promotion and propagation of Hindi.
This time focus of the Hindi conference was to discuss various aspects, including roles of information technology, translation and movies in the propagation of Hindi.
The conference discussed various issues related to spread of Hindi and how to use current situation for spreading Hindi. It will discuss media role in Hindi language, Bollywood role through Hindi cinema, etc.
It will also discuss affects of books and literature printed abroad, people who is residing abroad and problem they face in using the Hindi language.
The important aspect of the meet would be to enable Hindi lovers to discuss the difficulties they face, innovations they have done and networking among themselves for future consultations, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Executive Director P Jayaraman said.
A directory of Hindi scholars in the United States will also be released at the meet.
So far seven World Hindi Conferences have been held in Nagpur (1975), Port Louis (1976), New Delhi (1983), Port Louis (1993), Port of Spain (1996), London (1999) and Paramaribo, Surinam (2003).

But the problem is “Can we give respect to Hindi as Indian language/National Language.” All Indian languages are dying their natural death, as it looks. They are becoming incomplete as English are becoming more common among most educated people. Can we sort out the scarcity of good books in science and technology and other main stream of education? Do our educated mass left feeling ashamed when speaking Hindi. A strong language is needed for weaving all Indian through a common thread.
We are proud of diverse cultures of India. But we are divided when we talk about India. We like to speak ourselves more like South Indian, North Indian, etc. we must seen as United rather than divided by our many castes and cultures. Otherwise one day all natural language of India will die and foreign language and culture will rule us. Then holding teenagers responsible for following western culture will be useless.

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