Jul 11, 2007

India and Pakistan becoming same somewhere

India and Pakistan is same on many front, especially on social front. But India and Pakistan viewed differently when talked on terrorism and violence.
India is looking for becoming super power but on terror front India may become Pakistan one day, if our politician’s attitude and thinking toward terror and naxalities do not change.
In Pakistan, terrorist can strike other countries as well as on own country. Many terrorist activities in other countries from there are state sponsored also.

Seeing present condition of naxalities attack and handling of terror attacks on Indian cities, I say that this is worse than Pakistan sponsored terror attack. They can control their state sponsored terrorist but we cannot control our naxalities and terrorist attack.

On July 10, 2007, three hundred Maoists attacked 115 policemen in Dantewada district of chhattisgarh, killed 24 security personnel. This dead figure can rise to 50 personnel also. This year also on March 15, fifty five security persons were killed in Rani Bodli in Bijapur district of chhattisgarh. It is not only chhattisgarh, lot of other states are affected with naxal menace. This number is growing month by month here. Indian express has written two columns on this issue raising questions on UPA govt. policies in today editorial.

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