Jul 21, 2007

Pakistan Suspended CJ (chief Justice) Iftikar Chaudhry is Back

Iftikar Muhammad Chaudhry suspended CJ of Pakistan, suspended by General Musharraf, is back on their job. They are reinstated by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

This has shown some sign of democracy and state establishment. This is a very major good events happened in recent years in Pakistan democracy. This has strengthened the opposition democratic party and judicial system in the country. Ex Justice Iftikar's protest for their suspension got widespread support from people of Pakistan and from judiciary.

Number of groups supported the Iftikar Chaudhry. After the decision of Supreme Court of Pakistan for reinstating Iftikar Chaudhry for CJ post, many groups embraced the decision.

Musarraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz 'accepted' the judgment for now.

Musharraf has suspended the country's top judge on March 9 this year. Musharraf has labeled charges of various misconducts on Chaudhry for wrongly using their power as CJ.

Musharraf's Critics says Musharraf feared that Chaudhry may stop him elected by the sitting parliament before his term expires this year or if he seeks re-election as President while continuing to be Army Chief.

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