Sep 10, 2007

Bangalore – Silicon Valley of India

Bangalore is believed to be IT city of India but I think it is now only a biggest IT city in INDIA. When you start searching location rarely people co-operate you. Sometimes they really do not understand Hindi but generally they do not want to help. I also tried with asking in English. One time I just asked “Dasera Halli!” and nothing else, thinking they will ask me if they know about “Dasera Halli”. I was in the Bus for there. I just want to know where to get down. But their reply - “I do not know Hindi”. One of my friends told me that they may be from Chennai side.

In Bangalore, India place is divided in ‘Main” and “Cross”. Think “Main” like “x” axis and “Cross” as “Y” axis. Further “Main” is also divided. It is very confusing. May I have to take training for understanding it further?

If you are new in Bangalore then you must get full address for visiting anywhere with landmark. Landmark is must because locals will also ask for it for helping you.

Enjoy the climate of Bangalore.