Corporal Punishment in Schools

Oct 1, 2007

A bad news about the corporal punishment is on the rise in schools. News about corporal punishment is coming from all across India. This is an example of general trends of increasing stress level of people and worsening relationship between teacher and student.
Recent example of corporate punishment is a 6-year-old stripped for not doing homework.

I will attribute increasing trend of heavy punishment to general trend of stress and depression among common masses. Teachers come from our society. Student and teachers are both affected by these problems. Students are stressed due to heavy pressure from competition, parent’s expectation from them and lots of information they have to chew from all around. Students are doing less physical work due to computer gaming or work pressure.

Discussion is going on corporal punishment: - Corporal punishment is good or not? How much of corporal punishment can be allowed in school?

Corporal punishment is being used in India from very old times. These days teachers are using this punishment for feeding their own anger and stress level and not for student’s welfare. Any punishment which affects child’ mental health is very serious in nature and must be checked. Teachers must be punished according to law for showing this kind of behaviors.

In our growing country we need to employ teachers without proper training to the teachers. Many of them do not understand the basic behaviors of children and how to handle errant children.
A weekly training program must be organized by government for these teachers on yearly basis. There they can get training for handling students and also parental responsibility. Parental care training can be given to adult people because many people do not know how to take care of their own children.

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  1. I know of one Englishman, Derek Slade, who has set up a school in India because his 'corporal punishment' schools in the UK were closed down.
    He only takes orphan boys now.

    Layja Road, Near Sirva,
    Mandvi-Kutch, Gujarat, India
    Pin: 370465

  2. Steve, would you please tell me more about Mr. Slade. I am a former pupil at his first boarding school-St George's-1978 to 1980.

  3. Interestingly, I was at his next school.

    I gather he was President of a charity in India also and was 'removed' last year. Deservedly so I expect.

  4. Derek Slade has now found a new UK charity to back him.
    So its 'carry on caning on the bare'

  5. I attended st georges school from 1980-1985 and can say from experience that Derek Slade (headmaster) was the most evil person i have ever met. I know this language may seem strong but even now, after having left that school 23 years ago, the mention of his name makes me cringe. His methods were perverse and sadistic.

  6. Steve can you tell me about his methods at St Georges as we are trying to get the new charity to stop funding him ?

  7. I attended St Georges in the early eighties and it has effected me ever since. I am shocked that He is able to have any contact with children at all in fact he should have been locked away years ago. I would be extremely intrested in any information as to his current whereabouts as will my legal team.

  8. Corporal punishment was legal in the UK in the 1970s so what could Slade be prosecuted for now?

  9. It was about a year after leaving
    Finborough School (1984), that I heard a delightful radio report that dear old Derek had just been handed three months at Her Majesty's Pleasure for his latest corporal excesses.

    An Old Boy deflated my revels when he informed me that Slade appealed successfully and thus avoided his porridge.

    Corporal punishment may bot have been illegal then, C, but the point is that Slade clearly went beyond the limits allowed by law (drawing blood, severe bruising, pants down etc.)

    Even if it were the case that corporal punishment is an effective educational methodology, the concern for Slade ought to be that his specific use of it has scupperd his repeated attempts at running a successful school. Any half-way rational person would have long accepted that a change of approach is required if he is to achieve his purported primary objective-to raise well rounded and healthy learners. Derek Slade will never arrive at such a change of heart though because his work is not about education, it is about gratifying his warped psyche.

    One of the things that still irks me most is the unhealthy behavioural standards that were encouraged in the boys. The prefects that Slade appointed were rewarded for their snivelling spinelessness, their sycophancy and their bullying. I'm tempted to name them here but they know who they are or at least who they were.

  10. Ill name the snivelling little Hitlers who should have been prosecuted along with Slade in a heartbeat, Steve Cotton(what a tool this bloke was, Id love to meet him now) and the ever loyal Charlie Wright who ironically went on to be a policeman.Both assaulted pupils under Slades reign of terror and were rewarded for it.

  11. I got whacked at that school probably more than anyone and had the weekly record for stripes awarded (a method by which naughty kids were judged and then the appropriate number of whacks issued with the implement of Slades choice)for me corporal punishment did me more good than harm and perversly I did learn to respect people by it.I never back chat my elders or people in authority even to this day. Slades methods were crude but had the desired effect.There was control of the pupils in class, sadly that has gone today, and Ill wager most pupils from the schools under Slade went on to lead law abiding decent lives.The prefects were nobheads but anyone given that much power over fellow pupils probably would have been.The exeption being my mate Mark Kenton-Barnes who sadly died not long after leaving Wicklewood.

  12. A friend and ex-pupil of St. Georges informed me of this site. I was a pupil there from 1979 to 1986. I am appalled that this evil, psychotic sadist is continuing his immoral 'vision' of corporal punishment elsewhere.

    Steve h, I don't think your language to describe Slade is strong at all. You had to experience his 'methods' to actually believe it!

    I am alarmed that he has a charity to back him in India. I have tried unsuccessfully to email you - approved, to help your group stop his funding. Please contact me -, I will help in any way I can.

    I made a statement to Ipswich police about 10 years ago, the outcome of which was that they couldn't find him. Now I know why! He has had to take his vulgarity half way round the world! I would appreciate any information at all from people.

    My mental health has suffered badly from my experiences and I'm sure I'm not the only one. He has to be stopped from destroying people's lives.

  13. I was at the school from 79-83 and can vouch for the previous comments, this man is pure evil and in no way should be aloud contact with children.

  14. I am planning on using the information on this site to inform ex-pupils of St. Georges exactly what is going on. I am hoping to get a petition going along with peoples accounts of what happened to them or what they have witnessed via the 'friends reunited' site. Could somebody give me the details of Slades 2nd UK school so I can do the same there. With enough names and information the authorities in Gujarat will be forced to take notice and do something about the situation.
    Thankfully, people have been successful in getting him expelled from his Chairmanship of the charity in India which was also funding him.
    I cannot just sit back and allow this poor excuse of a man to get away with what he is doing - to orphans of all people!
    Pseudonyms are of course acceptable but real names will carry more clout. Names & experiences can be sent to me at
    Thankyou for your support.
    Craig aka Bodhi

  15. Gentlemen,
    The Venerable Mr. Slade attended another school before St. George. It was Duncan Hall School, (now a private residence) Scratby, near Great Yarmouth.
    Slade was a despicaple, hated, fat, lazy, sadistic, egotistical excuse for a man then, and probably still is. He was the sort of man I know now to be a coward.
    I would truly enjoy meeting him one final time to explain the error of his ways.

  16. I was at St George's. I remember being caned, slippered and on one occasion kicked around the floor of Slade's office under the gleeful gaze of French house master Monsieur Singer, who was subsequently sacked after he was found to be having a sexual relationship with a 14 year old.

    I was 8 or 9 at the time.

  17. Its a great initiative to secure the future of our children. Plan India has a similar campaign called Learn Without Fear which focuses on creating a fear free environment for children (

  18. I have recently been haunted by my experiences at this school, which admittedly are no where near as bad as other pupils. However, what Slade did was unforgiveable. I am familiar with a lot of what went on my memories continue to come back. But remain convinced that the past will catch up with Daz!

  19. I was a founder pupil at St Georges School and like many saw and went through the hell that was Derek Slade. To hear he is now on child porn charges is of no shock to me and hope he rots in hell for the torment he put us through that we still feel today

  20. I was at st georges from 79-85 I remember derek slade kicking and punching in the face a lad called dean parker for failing room inspection,I also remember the official fights at the front of school and the rein of terror.I was also given 6 of the jokari bat for whistling in the corridor on my first day at that school. I would love to meet this excuse of a human being one more time to teach him his errors!!! May he rot in hell!

  21. My kid brother and i were pupils at St Georges between 1979 and 1981
    at both its sites ie Wicklewood and Gt Finborough. Slade was a very sadistic, twisted man, my brother was only 8 when we first went and i can remember him getting the jasper shortly after arriving, pants down and in front of his classmates, in time i had my fair share of this too. The bruising was ridiculous. I cant believe this man is still working with kids, its beyond belief. The 14 year old boy who Mr Singer was having a sexual relationship with was a personal friend of mine. The whole school set up, punitive dicipline system, reigns of terror, crap teachers, bullies as prefects, was a disgrace. I'd be more than happy to share my experiences in more detail with anyone in order to prevent this man working with children. I completely endorse previous bloggers comments on prefects Steve Cotton and Charlie Wright. Remember their band Original Sin, what tossers. Anyone needing info can e mail me at