Feb 3, 2008

Human body is so cheap

I was reading an article “The global Kidney Bazaar in India” date:03 Feb, 2008 in Times of India. There it tells about the price of kidney in India, Egypt, Turkey and US. In India, it is only $ 1000 - $ 12000. I calculated it in Indian rupees and did it thrice. According to my calculation it is only Rs 40,000. So really kidney is less than one months salary of many salaried person even in India. ‘Poor Dr. Amit’ was stealing these ‘cheap kidney’.

Health Minister Ambumani Ramdoss is making news for lots of health issues. I want to listen some news about their plan for curbing this kind of trade. Many (generally) people sell their kidney due to their debt. So, there must be something, which ensures these donors get their price for selling their so valuable body part. In this article itself, 86% of donor people reported deterioration in health.