Feb 11, 2008

Raj is Fighting For Space

Raj Thakre is fighting for political space. He is finding no place for his activism. Original Thakre (Bal Thakre) is weakened by time but still occupy their own space they have created long back. Congress and BJP more or less holding their space. Some space in Maharashtra become free due to weakness of Congress but that is pre-occupied by NCP (Nationalist Congress Party). So, where is the space for Raj Thakrey?

North Indian states (especially UP and Bihar) were dormant for long time. Both state lacks infrastructure. After Independence, these state become backward by time. Now they are reviving. Their Bhojpuri (North India has many language as other part of India, this language is accepted by all in North India) language is making good progress in Bollywood. North Indian is trying to select good people for representing their state. Their politicians are stretching their power and going to other state. So it is a kind of renaissance.

North Indian States (esp. Bihar and Up) is revival mode but Raj Thakre has named their party (Maharastra Navnirman Sena). Renaissance cannot take place due to one person. Mumbai is already a very big city and various kind of society is living there in harmony. Raj is adding their bad politics for creating space for themselves for wining power. Instead of breaking the good big Mumbai they must find some good idea for their political future. Raj is also feeling insecure because north Indian politicians are coming to Mumbai.

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