Apr 12, 2008

No place for Poor and Week in India

All poor will die due to rising price in essential commodity. Then this country will become rich country. Then rich people will start attracting poor laborer from foreign country. Because this country will no more be known as labor surplus market. Government raises voices for reserving seats in engineering and medical colleges. But for reaching there poor children have to complete 10+2. With the souring price in rice, wheat and pulses and other very essential items, how poor parents can manage to arrange this for their children. Situation is getting worse day by day for the distribution of resources of the country.

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) govt. raises too much voices for poor people of India and Indian farmers. What policy did they implement, which can really improve farmers situation. Waiving loans can provide short-term benefits only to few farmers who are going to die. So, It can be right decision for now, But then after that? Government will come up with similar policy and bleed taxpayers. All basic requirements, be it medical facility, food, social security, are going beyond the reach of common people.