Apr 20, 2008

Techies do not Participate in Democratic Process

There is general perception that techies do not participate in election process. So this time IT and IT-enabled companies are determined to ensure that employee vote this time.
Companies circulated a circular this time to their employees to participate in election – a democratic process, and allowed to come late or leave early in Election Day. Bangalore will go vote on May 10. Many companies even announced for half-day leave.

Chief Election Commissioner N. Gopalaswami had recently urged IT (Information Technology) companies and BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing) companies to give time for employee to vote.

In is good that is going to happen this time in Bangalore election. Educated and highly skilled people rarely go to vote. They are generally living outside of their birthplace. Many who are in their state or have registered after living so many years do not bother to go to polling booth. This demands remote voting facility so that all can cast their vote in this mobile India.