Jun 14, 2008

Office Politics

Are you someone who is confident of solving problem in your field? If yes you may face two-sided problem. One is you have to stand clear before management and another is you may face problem from people upper to you but close to management. This happens when you are really strong and people just above you and close to management are not confident and skilled in their job. Their low confident may be just a psychological problem or they really do not their job well and got and holding the position due to close relationship with management. These people cannot have confident to you because being confident about handling week and fool people is an easier task. Anyone can bribe him for anything. So these week people may get few un-assigned tasks from you. They will try to prove their superior that they are a well-wisher of you and in background they will try to destabilize you using their close contact with management. Assan na! (Very easy, isn’t it?). And as a techie you may find protesting against this kind of activity very boring.