Jun 22, 2008

Retail Biggies and Traditional Indian Retail Market

traditional Indian retails markets used to be run by small traders based on local business. Now by the introduction of the biggies like Relience and Food Bazar, Indian retails industry has changed.
We somehow welcomed this retails biggies thinking we will get good services by this retails business and these biggies will not hit hard to the traditional traders.

I have a Reliance Fresh store very near to my home in Bangalore. There I used to purchase fruits only as I eat outside. From sometime I saw introduction of mobile recharge facility and insurance facility over the Reliance Fresh counter. I thought bad over this facility. Mobile charge takes only few minutes and I can easily recharge from any small shop. They used not to tell anything details about the plan and in Reliance also you will not get any new information about the service providers plan. There you will get rush. But the question is - where all small traders will go and what they will do? With this pace of industrialization in small business, Indian society will also become like owner and slave society. You will be either owner or slave.

Government must induce a plan for small traders who will experience and some capital to get loan from government and create a competitive business structure for them. Just giving loan waiver to dying one is not something countable as good policy decision. Government should try to extend helping hand to those who need help, this way they can recover the money and general man (aam janta) will feel someone helpful is there for them.