Jul 20, 2008

Indian Muslim Lawyer Became Angry Over Remark By District Judge

Additional district judge questioned a Muslim lawyer about his prayer cap in court. That Muslim lawyer has filed a complaint to the HC registrar and principal district judge that the incident was an affront to my religious belief. What do you think? Is it all right to bear the prayer cap in court?
My answer to this question is yes and not also.

It depends on court dress code. It depends on formal dress code applied in government office, if defined in the country.

If I think about my likes and dislikes then I do not like that perforated cap. Why? I do not know! That possibly looks strange to me.

Lets think about this dress code in different way. What if anyone comes to court bearing saffron dress or simply dhoti in court? In north India many people bear dhoti for puja (prayer) time but use shirt and trouser only for office. He do not go bearing dhoti in office. If you ask him – is this your religious right bearing dhoti in office? Then he will definitely say, after some thinking, yes it is my religious right.

Finally it is difficult to answer these questions. It should be matter of time and what has been decided to bear in a public place. Trend and social acceptance of the time period is an easy guiding force in this case.